Spyder Wash

SpyderWash Loyalty Program Available in Auburn & Port Orchard, WA

The SpyderWash App

Download the SpyderWash App

Rain City Laundry uses The SpyderWash Mobile App. Once you download the app, you can view and manage your loyalty card and its balance. You can also see your transaction history and recharge your loyalty card right from your app.

The SpyderWash app also takes the guesswork out of wondering if washers and dryers are free. Check availability with your app so that you can save time during your trip to the laundromat.

  • Make Your Trips Hassle-Free

    Once you download the app, you can simplify your laundromat visit and save time!

  • Track Your Spending

    Keep track of how much you’re spending on your laundry services right from your phone.

Download The SpyderWash App Today!